Network Layout Options

The Sponsorship Network Explorer provides users with several different layout options. Details on each of these layout options are below.

  • Smart Layout: The smart layout option automatically selects one of two layout algorithms based on the size of the network. If the network has fewer than 1000 nodes, the Fruchterman-Reingold layout algorithm will be used. If the network has more than 1000 nodes, DrL is used.
  • Force-Directed Layouts: Force-directed graphing algorithms are designed to plot a readable network through simulating attractive and repulsive forces between nodes in a network. Force-directed algorithms are especially useful when trying to identify more powerful nodes or node clusters in a network. The following force-directed algorithms are available in the Sponsorship Network Explorer:
    • Fruchterman-Reingold
    • Kamada-Kawai
    • DrL
  • Other Layouts: Circle and Large Graph Layouts are also available. These layouts are designed to improve readability. The circular layout prevents node overlap and can be very helpful for exploring specific relationships in smaller networks. As the name suggests, the Large Graph Layout is optimized for viewing large and complex networks.
  • Additional Resources

    Force-directed graph drawing, Wikipedia

    Drawing graphs with circular vertices, Schneide Blog

    igraph: The network analysis package